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A touch probe indicates contact with a body. Coordinate measuring machines are mechanical systems encompassing computing system, measuring probe and software, and the machine itself.

Coordinate Measuring Machine.

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28-30 Cikokoltangerang Parts (Contd) Moving Bridge Coordinate Measuring Machine.

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CMM.ppt - Coordinate Measuring Machines(CMM\u2019s WHAT IS CMM It is used for geometrical feature measurement The term coordinate measuring machine refers, instrument/machine that is capable of measuring in all, The typical "bridge" CMM is composed of three axes, an, .

for direct determina-tion of correction values for machine tools in production cycle. Thamrinkomplekmahkota Mas Blok E No. Whether you are looking for an entry-level model or already have experience with coordinate measurement systems and are now looking to improve quality assurance or increase inspection capacity - we have the products and expertise you require.

The term coordinate

Measuring machines can be used e.g.

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Training Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) Typical ‘bridge’ CMM is composed of 3 PPT.

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